The origin of the name Rutland is controversial

and hotly debated. Some say it is named after a local landowner called Rota who owned a large estate in the area. Others say that the name stems from the rich red colour of the soil.

What’s not under debate is the quality of life. Rutland is an idyllic, rural county rated the best for quality of life in Halifax’s 2015 survey. Watersports, golf, wildlife, great schools, picturesque historic towns, Michelin-starred eateries, first-class seasonal produce. It’s all here. In fact our Deputy Director for People, Mark Andrews liked it so much he moved his family here. Visit and you’ll see why. Rutland remains one of the most charming, proud and attractive rural counties in England. Or as Julia Bradbury put it “everyone can find a bit of what they’re looking for in beautiful Rutland.”

You don’t need to live here to enjoy the area – staff regularly organise lunch time walks, rides and runs to explore what is on our doorstep. And whichever direction you travel from, the beautiful views make for a unique commute.

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