Commitment is a word you’ll hear a lot round here.

We are committed to those most in need, but also the people who work for us. Because when we meet the needs of our staff, they meet the needs of the community.

In practice, this means we believe in working as One Council – bringing together our strengths, keeping each other informed and working really, really effectively. And we believe that by doing so, we can deliver quality services that put our customers first every time (not just some of the time).

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It’s no secret that the environment we work in is getting more challenging. The near future will see the council as sole supplier of services give way to a ‘mixed economy’, served by a wider range of providers. We intend to lead this new era and that means making fast, far-reaching changes – something, fortunately, that we’re very good at. We’ll integrate more fluidly with partners. We’ll look closely at every part of our operations. And we’ll harness technology, innovation and experience. Because we are determined that those most in need receive the seamless care they deserve.


We’ll focus resources on the things that make the most tangible difference to users. We’ll get closer to the individual, delivering truly personalised services and helping them to become more self-reliant. And above all, we’ll safeguard health, wellbeing and life opportunities for vulnerable families.


We’ll make sure staff meet statutory training requirements, as well as giving them the training and learning opportunities to thrive in a rapidly changing environment.

We’ll listen. We’ll pool resources, and share knowledge about how to tackle the challenges of Local Government changes. We’ll seek out the views of the community, audit our impact and use data intelligently to inform service design.


We’ll look after each other. Staff will receive support to grow into senior roles and progress their careers. And they’ll get the inspiration they need from leadership.

In turn, Rutland can look forward to a legacy of talented future leaders.

Our people will be trusted and respected by those in need and ready to embrace change. They’ll work more closely with partners, breaking down organisational barriers.

Playing and Visiting

It’s not all work, for those who make a living at the Council, or anyone else in the community. We’ll preserve the wonderful aspects of Rutland life, ensuring it remains a place where people aspire to raise a family.

Rutland’s quality of life should be enjoyed by everyone. We will make everyone feel safe, empowered, and free to be themselves, even if they are considered vulnerable.

These values are reflected in our corporate priorities which provide focus to our day to day work, ensuring that Rutland is a great place to live, learn, work play and visit.